Venison Stew

Allison Eats



A few weekends ago when we visited my family in upstate New York, we were lucky enough to procure a bunch of different cuts of venison, via my step-mom (who doesn’t care for the meat), by way of my uncle (who hunts). For those of you following, you’ll know that Scott and I have been heavily carnivorous lately as we’ve been keeping (for the most part) a paleo lifestyle. Part of the paleo way is to get important nutrients and energy from game meat, because the fats in wild and grass-fed animals contain a higher level of good omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, there’s the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing your dinner had a nice life of frolicking through the forrest and befriending bunnies before he ended up on your plate. For more technical info though, here’s what Mark’s Daily Apple has to say about grass-fed meat and Omega-3s.

Anyway, so we…

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